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April 2024

Is visiting Rome only a box-ticking, selfie-taking exercise?

January 2024


June 2023

The Last Breath 

May 2023


April 2023

Don’t burn your bridges

March 2023

Close look, distant view

March 2023

You can’t know what’s behind you, you can only believe 
- or not

February 2023

From rags to riches 

January 2023

What would Frida do?

December 2022


November 2022

I'm in!

October 2022

First month of Uni

September 2022

Being a student is great!

September 2022

Aha moment...

August 2022

Countdown begins…

July 2022

Still don’t know where to spend your summer holidays?

July 2022

Finally we can have a summer! 

June 2022

Selfie Queen has been out-snapped by Shero lovers!

May 2022

“You don’t need college!”

April 2022

How to turn negative into positive?

March 2022

All Yoxmen have nice bums!

February 2022

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

February 2022

What to do when you have “one of them days”?

February 2022

My teacher is cooler than yours! 

February 2022

Be so good, they lock you in to keep!

January 2022

Can you paint my pussy cat?

December 2021

Is it too late?

December 2021

Do you believe in fate, or do you think it is a coincidence?

December 2021

Have you ever felt like you are not good enough at something?

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